Real Shooting FPS Strike


Missions and gameplay: Each level in this shooting FPS game must be completed. Real shooting FPS Strike is a mission game where you must destroy all adversaries to advance to the next stage. This gift may be used to enhance weapons and strengthen yourself. That means you may travel about the area and kill opponents with your weaponry, or crouch and use the spindle to evade opposing fire and kill them. Every assignment earns you money for new weapons and moves you up a level.

This is a first-person perspective (FPP) game with real HD images and outstanding audio quality. Genuine Shooting FPS Strike captures the spirit of a real shooting game. Exploit your new weapons and buy and upgrade them to accomplish hard assignments. Killing adversaries earn money in the game; headshots earn additional cash after the mission. In this new game, you must remove all opponents to proceed to the next round. This game provides you with 30 additional tasks, which grow increasingly difficult after the first 5–6 missions. Initially, you'll want to kill every enemy and collect every weapon to become unbeatable. Wares can be obtained by defeating enemies and earning prizes. Go to a gun shop and buy whatever gun you want. It lets you acquire firearms like the AK-47, shotgun, and MP5. Each weapon has a value based on its abilities, such as shooting rate, handling, and accuracy.

Real Shooting FPS Strike features a setting interface in the game to regulate music, sound, screen sensitivity, and auto-shoot. This option allows you to kill opponents without using the fire button; when attackers approach, your equipped gun will shoot and kill them. If you like first-person shooters, try counter-terrorist games! Then play this new fps encounter shooting game. If you're seeking the best free sniper 3D game, then a real-shooting FPS strike is for you. This action game will offer you hours of pleasure in realistic 3D environments.

How to play

Movement-WASD, fire-left mouse, zoom-right mouse, jump-space, lock cursor-L, crouch-C, reload-R





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