Squid Challenges


Red light, green light is no longer strange to many people. The game is popular across many ages, all genders, and many different countries. But each country has different names for it. It is also known as a statue or a footstep, depending on the region. As a game associated with childhood, when it comes to the Squid challenge, that childhood is forced to mature and be careful not to make any mistakes. Any mistake has to be paid for with their own life.

To win and preserve your life, you must move from one end to the other end of the finish line, but only move when the light is green. Vice versa, if you still move when the red light "booms," you have been eliminated from the game. Once you're here, there's no turning back. Try your best to save yourself from this crazy game. Good luck!


How to play

Take advantage of the ability to hear and see. Practice quick reflexes with your hands, because you will use the mouse to control the character throughout the game.





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