Squid Game Marble


Although it is a children's game, winning is not as easy as we imagine. So where is the real key to success for players? 

As mentioned, players are free to create ways to play and win. To unify and divide each level for players, we offer a very attractive way to play. This is a combination of golf and billiards, but instead of using regular balls, instead of marbles, you have to think and adjust the angles to how to put the marbles into the hole. Wait a minute, you think you've won? It's not that easy. There are other levels, more difficult challenges for you. Ready yet? 1.2..3 go!


How to play

By tapping and holding it, you can aim towards the area where you want to fire it, pull back the power you need, and then release the mouse button to complete the shot.

If it manages to go into the hole while avoiding obstacles, you proceed to the next level, where you must repeat the process but on a harder difficulty level, or else you are shot and must restart the game from the very beginning. Take pleasure in it and good luck!





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